Pelet-Montazne kuce
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Savox produces high quality pellets. Pellets produced from quality dry sawdust from local resources, our timber and is manufactured in B&H. Pellet production in this way brings stable and  constant prices. Under pressure sawdust is converted into bio-fuel wich during combustion gives a clean and highly efficient thermal energy.

High Calorific Fuel

Pellet is a high calorie cheap eco-fuel produced exclusively under compacting sawdust and wood waste without a single supplement. Due to the cylindrical shape after combustion of high-quality and caloric fuel, only 1% ash is produced. Very flexible to transport, eficient in heating the house and fully meet all environmental standards.


Pellet fuel is one of the most important, inexpensive, sustainable, renewable fuel sources in the world. In Savox we have created the best pellets at an affordable price and with minimal environmental impact. Our procedures are effective and impressive.


Pellets from wooden resources requires minimal processing to use. It is made of natural materials, wooden pellets is very effective because it comes with the re-use of materials and therefore reduces the impact on the environment.


Pellets from wood provides inherent logistical support to the end user. Heating with pellet reduces administrative costs, cost of transport and accountability in storage.


Combustion of pellet produces the same amount of CO2 as the tree is using during growth. Energetic value of pellet is 18 MJ / kg (4.9 kWh / kg). The use of pellet for household and industry provides a better life, without contaminating the environment and nature.