Wood aluminium IV90 window

Wood aluminium IV90 window Savox

Wood aluminim IV90 is s specially designed window, which is due to innovative solutions suitable for everything, which at renovation or construction of a new facility tries to achieve full utilization and reduce energy waste and noise. The basic model of the window has a number of different designs, and considering that all windows have built-in low-energy three-layer glass, larger glass surfaces are not a problem at all.


Modern design, excellent thermal insulation, extremely long-life span, ideal for passive prefabricated buildings.


78mm wood-aluminium profile of high-quality wood (pine / fir / larch / oak / meranti / pine), glued with no visible longitudinal joints; to better accommodate the equipment of the interior, the window can be made from different types of wood.


UNIFORM or STEMESEDER aluminum profile effectively protects from all weather conditions; color selection is abundant - from the color of the RAL scale, to Antico colors and colors with the look of wood.


Durable and naturally gentle water-based coating is offered in many nuances.

 For more about the techniques of surface treatment, visit the colors for doors and windows section .


Characteristically glass which is built in wood aluminium IV90 window is double-layer 4 + 16Ar + 4 + 16Ar + LowE4, but other combinations of two-layered or three-layered glass that provide a different range of aesthetic and energy performances may be used, in accordance with your requirements.

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Quality fittings of a reputable European manufacturers Maco and Sigenia allow easy opening of the horizontal and vertical axes; it is also possible to install restraint or hidden fittings and ventus for opening of the skylights.


It is a standard to install 6 gaskets, one in the frame, two on the wing and one on the outside and inside of the glass.